Kinesiotherapy is a therapy based on the notion of body movement (kinesis means “movement” in Greek). It uses movement or, conversely, corrects movement through various techniques or by applying a restraint, in order to allow the body to smoothly perform its musculoskeletal functions.

It acts mainly at the muscular and articular level. The techniques are used for the purpose of re-education of movement and posture of the joint.

One of the principal activities of kinesiotherapy is massage, that is to say the manipulation of the client's tissues (muscles, tendons or subcutaneous tissues) by various manual techniques. Kinesiotherapy also uses various ergonomic and kinesiotherapy approaches to help prevent injuries in everyday life. For example: adopting a suitable position at work. This branch is an integral part of the provincial image of alternative and complementary manual therapies. It definitely responds to a need and contributes to the wellbeing and preventive health education of the people of Quebec.