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Dear therapist, we thank you for the attention you pay to our organisation.

With more than 600 members, the RMQ is a forerunner in constant evolution that offers recognition through different sectors relative to massage therapy in Quebec.

Your membership generates lots of dynamism and reinvigorates the RMQ. With his/her annual membership fee, each member increases the association’s capacity to build an efficient support network and helps create relevant services, such as presence in the Soins personnels Québec movement.

Before you fill out the membership form, we invite you to consult our different topics, especially Admission and Recommended Schools sections.

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The online form will allow you to pay your annual fee with PayPal. First of all, make sure you have all the required information on-hand: personal and professional contact information, areas of expertise and information on your training schools, your diplomas and/or your pertinent transcript of records in digital format.

If it is impossible for you to digitalize your documents, you will have to send your application by mail, with inclusion of a photocopy of your diplomas and/or training certificates with payment of your fee (check or money order). To do so, choose the Download the form in PDF option.

If you encounter problems during the admission process, please contact us at     

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